Discover how using our failure codes will make you more reliable

Failure Codes  +  RCM  +  Asset Management

Benefit achievements


Identify opportunities for program improvement.  This assessment builds the case for both a vision and a strategy for getting there.   

An assessment comes with a risk-free guarantee.

Asset Management

World-class asset management requires well integrated and easy to execute processes. Start with identifying the data you need for making the best decisions, and then developing processes that ensure accuracy and completeness.

Failure Codes

New and improved library, supports ISA standards and populates into most computerized maintenance management systems.

Developed using RCM methodology. Extremely robust and contains 100,000+ failure codes


Always do the right maintenance.

Always do it efficiently. Be smart about doing preventive and predictive maintenance

Partner Organization
Energy Management

Proactively lower utility bills with better energy and water management

*  Energy Audits
*  Water Audits
*  Utility Bill Audits

Sustainable Facilities

Compliance  following LEED guidance and Department of Energy Porrtfolio Manager certifications

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

equipmentLinks provided outstanding guidance and support in establishing the RCM program for the Deep Space Network (DSN).  Their depth of knowledge allowed them to quickly grasp complicated DSN systems and arrive at many unique and effective maintenance solutions, Desi and his team deserve the highest praise and recommendation.”

Joe Wackley

NASA – Deep Space Network

Outstanding Service!

Every project over the last two years exceeded expectations. All milestones were delivered ahead of schedule and on or under budget.”

Albert Matthews, Jr.

NASA – Glenn Research Facility
Facility Test Division

Other comments:

“I’ve been to three RCM seminars from the other guys, and I didn’t truly understand how to maximize benefit until Desi explained it to us.”

“Extremely dependable.  Always delivers work on-time and never over budget.”

“Wow! Relates easily to both management and technicians.”

“Extremely knowledgable and understands both the equipment we have and our industry.”

What are you waiting for?

New and improved Failure Code Library easily populates into most computerized maintenance management systems

All failure codes developed by subject matter experts with RCM methodologies. 
A robust process for population into existing CMMS data ensures conflicts are eliminated.

A few things we’re really great at

What we’re really good at is implementing processes enabling your team
to work better and faster together.  Encourage your team to think of better and faster solutions, and build their confidence in their knowledge and skills.

Better processes for collecting data

Excellent analysis requires excellent data.
Don’t expect to make good decisions when the right data doesn’t exist.

Better processes for validating data

Often data is incomplete and inaccurate. Implement processes that ensures maximum benefit for reliability analysis and decision support.

Better processes for analyzing data

What data really matters?  What are the best tools for analyzing the data you have?

Better processes for presenting data

Does your data tell a story?  


NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Asset Management and Maintenance Improvement

The Deep Space Network embarked on an aggressive initiative to maximize the reliability of their world-wide network of antennas, located in California, Spain and Australia.  Mission accomplished!


What is your current condition? Create a vision and a strategy for getting there.

Process Improvement

Becoming world-class doesn’t happen without solid, strong processes

RCM + Failure Codes

Identify the best maintenance philosophy consistent with the level of acceptable risk.

Superior Results

Significant reliability improvements were achieved.