NASA’s Deep Space Network (DSN)

Description of equipmentLinks involvement with

NASA’s Deep Space Network (DSN)
Program Manager:Mr. Desi Dundics 
Project Staff:Team composition varied with task requirements. Mr. Dundics was Project Manager for entire project, and RCM, CMMS and Metrics specialists participated as required for each task.
Team size varied between 2.5 FTE to 4.5 FTE (Full Time Equivalents)
equipmentLinks Contract History With DSN

Desi Dundics and equipmentLinks was first introduced to the DSN in 2002 when asked to perform an RCM assessment at Goldstone, and then again in 2003, 2004 & 2005 when he led teams at both JPL and Goldstone to inspect the facilities for the Deferred Maintenance (DM) Program. These DM inspection program replaced the long-standing Backlog of Maintenance & Repair (BMAR) programs. In 2006 he was then contracted to support DSN as the Executive Consultant to embark on a new initiative to implement RCM and an improved asset management process. This would require a challenging and significant culture change for the organization.

The initiative started by defining the future vision of the asset management program and a strategy for getting there. This required an initial assessment at all three site locations, Goldstone, Madrid and Canberra, which identified their strengths and weaknesses and which helped define the path for arriving at the future, common vision. The next five years would be extremely exciting, filled with technical learning experiences and opportunities to interface with some of the brightest people in the fields of aeronautics and space exploration. This project helped the team at equipmentLinks not only to become extremely familiar with the technical issues of an antenna, but also to understand and overcome the challenges of implementing change at a Government facility. This has been an invaluable and unforgettable experience.

Contract Tasks with Deep Space Network
2006Performed asset management assessment of Goldstone,
Madrid, and Canberra DSCC’s and Monrovia CMF.
 Developed AMMI and RCM Strategy for DSN.
2007Defined Functional Requirements for Maximo CMMS.
Performed RCM Pilot for five 70M Antenna Systems.
 Defined Metrics Requirements and  metrics application.
2008Defined DSN Processes for Asset Management.
Developed detailed processes for performing all CMMS related actions and behaviors.
2009Performed RCM Analysis on 70M Antenna Systems.
Performed RCM Training for JPL and DSN Contractors.
Implemented RCM Software at JPL and GDSCC.
2010Performed RCM Analysis on DSN Infrastructure Systems.
Performed Risk Analysis Ranking on all DSN Antennas.
2011Performed RCM Analysis on 34M Antenna Systems.
Implemented Common Sense RCM™ for less critical systems.
 Defined processes to improve the quality of CMMS data.
Supported migration of RCM activities to DSN Contractors.
2012Developed failure codes for CMMS implementation.
Key Facts about equipmentLinks

•   Veteran-owned Small Business.
•   President Desi Dundics, US Naval Academy, Class 1975.
•   RCM support to NASA since 2000 with initial project for NASA HQ Code JX.
•   Involved in RCM in some fashion at 17 NASA locations.

Key Accomplishments with DSN

•   Helped to implement a culture-change that embraces an RCM mentality.
•   Implemented an advanced RCM program for all three DSN locations.
•   Helped to implement advanced predictive maintenance technologies.
•   Trained considerable JPL and DSCC personnel in RCM.
•   26 Antenna systems analyzed with RCM.
•   16 Facility systems analyzed with RCM.
•   Supported 70M, 34M BWG and 34M HEF antennas.

equipmentLinks Personnel Performed RCM on the following DSN Antennas and Facilities

70M Antenna Assemblies

•    Servo Hydraulics Assembly
•    Drives & Mechanical Assembly
•    Waveguide Water-Cooling Assembly
•    Waveguide Cooling Assembly
•    Nitrogen Pressurization Assembly
•    LNA Refrigeration Assembly
•         (HEMT, MASER, and Sumitomo Compressors)
•    S-X Band 20kW Transmitter Assembly
•    Hydrostatic Bearing Assembly
•    Antenna Air Conditioning Assembly
•    Antenna Power Distribution & Lighting Assembly
•    Antenna Fire Protection Assembly
•         Fire Detection & Monitoring Subassembly
•         FM-200 Fire Suppression Subassembly
•         Halon 1301 Suppression Subassembly
•         High Expansion Foam Suppression Subassembly
•         Water Suppression Subassembly
•    400 Hz Power Distribution Assembly

34M BWG Antenna Assemblies

•    Drives & Mechanical Assembly
•    Cassegrain Assembly
•    Antenna Servo Drive Assembly
•    Subreflector Servo Assembly
•    Feed Mirror Drive Electronics
•    S-X Band 20kW Transmitter (BWG)
•    20kW Transmitter Cooling Water Flow

Infrastructure Systems

•  Chilled Water Systems (Reciprocating Compressors)
•  Chilled Water Systems (Screw Compressors)
•  Cooling Tower Systems
•         Chilled Water Circulation Subsystems
•         Large Scale Filtering Subsystems
•         Niagara Cooling Tower Subsystem
•         Recold Cooling Tower Subsystem
•  Typical HVAC Systems
•  Site Power Generation Systems
•         Caterpillar Diesel Generator System
•         ECHO Station Power Generation Subsystem
•         MARS Station Power Generation Subsystem
•         Portable Diesel Generation Subsystem
•  Site Power Distribution Systems (GDSCC Intra-site)
•  Site-wide Fire Protection System
•  Site-wide Water Storage Distribution
……. see total NASA infrastructure RCM projects