NASA infrastructure support

Description of equipmentLinks support of

NASA’s Infrastructure, Buildings & Facilities
Program Manager:Mr. Desi Dundics
Project Staff:Team composition varied with task requirements. Mr. Dundics was Project Manager for all projects, and RCM, reliability and equipment experts participated as required for each task.
equipmentLinks History With NASA Buildings and Facilities

Desi Dundics and equipmentLinks was first introduced to the NASA in 2000 when Code JX requested services to rewrite the Reliability-Centered Building and Equipment Acceptance Guide (RCB&E) accompanied by RCM training at various agency centers. This let to additional involvements with the NASA RCM Manual and NPR 8831.2E, Facilities Maintenance and Operations Management.

In 2002, Code JX started looking for a way to replace the Backlog and Maintenance Reporting process, and equipmentLinks became involved in the program for performing agency-wide inspections which later became known as the Deferred Maintenance (DM) Program. Between 2003-2005, Desi led inspection teams at 13 NASA locations and participated in 3 others.  These inspections required thorough inspections of each facility, fixed-asset item, helping Desi and team to become familiar with all of the building and facility equipment at these locations.

As a result of this knowledge and understanding of both RCM and facility equipment, equipmentLinks has been asked on many occasions to perform maintenance program assessments, perform RCM analyses, and to help implement improved maintenance management programs.  The services included complex program equipment as well as typical buildings and facilities.

Deferred Maintenance
Inspections Performed


Johnson Space Center
Kennedy Space Center
Ames Research Center
Moffett Field (Main)
Moffett Field – Camp Parks
Moffett Field – Crows Landing
Goddard Space Flight Center
Marshal Space Flight Center
Santa Susanna
White Sands Test Facility
White Sands Complex
Space Harbor
Dryden Flight Research Center
Poker Flats, Alaska
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JPL, Table Mountain
Goldstone DSCC
ATK, Brigham City, UT
Glenn Research Center
Plum Brook Station

RCM Analyses,
Assessments or
Training Performed


Johnson Space Center
Kennedy Space Center
Langley Research Center
Goddard Space Flight Center
Marshal Space Flight Center
White Sands Test Facility
White Sands Complex
Dryden Flight Research Center
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JPL, Deep Space Network
Goldstone DSCC
Madrid DSCC
Canberra DSCC
Glenn Research Center
Plum Brook Station
Ames Research Center

Key Facts about equipmentLinks

•   Veteran-owned Small Business.
•   President Desi Dundics, US Naval Academy, Class 1975.
•   RCM support to NASA since 2000.
•   Involved in RCM in some fashion at 17 NASA locations.
•   Strong supporter of local community organizations.

Key Accomplishments with NASA Facilities

•   Co-author Reliability Centered Bldg & Equipment Acceptance Guide
•   Developed Reliability Centered Bldg & Equipment Acceptance
•          Training Course
•   Inspected over 1200+ buildings & facilities
•   Performed RCM Training at 11 NASA centers
•   Helped implement Asset Management and Maintenance
•          Improvement (AMMI) processes at 7 NASA centers.
•   Developed 260 equipment failure codes.
•   Performed over 175 RCM Analyses.

equipmentLinks Personnel Performed RCM on the following NASA Equipment
RCM Analyses

•   Electrical Power Generation Systems
•   Electrical Power Distribution Systems
•   Electrical Emergency Power Systems
•   Water Distributions Systems
•   Waste Disposal Systems
•   Fire Protection Systems
•   Natural Gas & Fuel Systems
•   Security System

Program and Test System
RCM Analyses

•   Control Room Electrical Systems
•   Control Room Instrumentation Systems
•   Glycol Heating Systems
•   Test Chamber Top Cap Systems
•   Test Chamber Vacuum System
•   Test Equipment Electrical Systems
•   Icing Research Tunnel Systems
•   70M Antenna Systems (see DSN Project)
•   34M Antenna Systems (see DSN Project)

Large-Scale Building System
RCM Analyses

•   Chilled Water Systems
•   Cooling Tower Systems
•   Boiler Systems
•   Large-Scale HVAC Systems
•   Building Ventilation Systems
•   Security Systems
•   Waste Pumping Stations
•   Electrical Systems
•        Substations and Switchgear
•        Emergency Power Generation Systems
•        Emergency Power Backup Systems
•        400 Hz Power Generation Systems
•   Building Water Distribution Systems
•   Life Safety Systems
•   Building Fire Protection Systems
•        Water Suppression Systems
•        Fire Detection Systems
•   Fuel/Natural Gas Systems
•   Building Heating Glycol Systems
•   Plume Remediation Systems
•        Plume Front Extraction Systems
•        Plume Front Injection Systems
•        Plume Front Remediation Systems
•        Plume Front UV Oxidation Systems

Building System &
Major Equipment
RCM Analyses

•   Cooling Tower Systems
•        Chilled Water Circulation Subsystems
• Portable Filtration Subsystems
•        Large Scale Filtering Subsystems
•        Niagara Cooling Tower Subsystem
•        Recold Cooling Tower Subsystem
•   Typical HVAC Systems
•  Specialized HVAC Systems
•   Air Handling Units
•  Multiple Sized Chiller Units
•   Evaporative Cooling Units
•   Packaged Air Conditioning Units
•   Gas-Fired Heating Systems
•   Fuel Scrubbers
•   Walk-In Refrigerators and Freezers
•   Cafeteria Dishwashing Systems
•   Security Sytems
•        Hydraulic Bollard Systems
•        Pneumatic Bollard Systems
•        Security Gates
•   Electrical Systems
•        Distribution Panels
• Major Transformers and Breakers
•        Portable Diesel Generator Systems
•        Motor Control Centers
•   Fire Protection Systems
•        FM-200 Systems
•        Halon Systems
•        Foam Expansion Systems
•        HFC Chemical Systems
•   Natural Gas Reducing Stations