Papers & Articles

Papers & Articles
equipmentLinks has a number of papers and articles published as a result of their efforts with industry leaders and speaking engagements at a wide variety of reliability conferences.
Please don’t hesitate to download or contact equipmentLinks for a copy of any of these articles.
The DSN Asset Management/Maintenance Improvement Initiative
Jointly authored with the DSN Project Office,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
IPN Progress Report 42-186, August 15, 2011
Reliability Centered Maintenance Returns Benefits
RCM lets manufacturers maximize revenue and keep processes in control.
Quality Magazine , February, 2000
Keeping Facilities Fit
Some federal agencies are using predictive technologies to identify and
correct equipment problems before failure occur.
The Military Engineer
November, 2001
A Maintenance Optimization Success Story.
A case Study for Improved Reliability and Profit Generation
Presented at the Reliability Conference, April, 1997, Phoenix, AZ.
Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation Models Operational Excellence by Integrating RCM and Work Management.
Presented at the Reliability Conference, April, 1999, Cincinnati, OH.
Integrating SCADA, Diagnostics and CMMS for a World Class On-Line Diagnostic System
Presented at the Reliability Conference, April, 1998, Charlotte, NC.
Chemical Plant Productivity Doubles After Three Months of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Measurement.
You Can’t Improve What You Can’t Measure.
Presented at the Reliability Conference, April, 2001, Phoenix, AZ.
Incorporate RCM Into Acceptance Testing to Detect Latent Defects.
Avoid Warranty Issues and Premature Failure
Presented at the 2001 International Joint Power Generation Conference, New Orleans, LA.
Capacity Improvement Through Maintenance Optimization
5 Essential Elements For Every Asset Management Program
Presented at the Hydrocarbon Processing Optimization Conference
April, 1997, Houston, TX.
Substation Maintenance Optimization Program
Presented at the Distributech ‘98 Conference
Tampa, FL.